Welcome to Forte Group: Darren Chang

With his somewhat reserved demeanor, one might be fooled into overlooking darren chang’s mettle and attitude of consistent self-improvement.

A fresh graduate from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) at the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM), Darren was formally introduced to the industry by his close friend Lina Yeo.

“I am quite accustomed to managing comfort and customer relationships,” Darren expresses.

“Previously I worked as a valet, and subsequently spent an internship at Porsche Singapore attached to the marketing and sales teams. I believe the familiarity with client interaction is a key element that translates well to my position as a Financial Services Consultant (FSC).”

Darren affirms that he has always had an interest in business, and is a strong believer that one requires both a plan and a unique selling point in their service attitude to drive a successful set of operations.

“I think of it as a parallel to why someone would want to visit a premier restaurant- does it have a differentiating factor of some kind in how it delivers its products?”

Darren asserts that his priorities are reinforced by his drive to further his capabilities.

“I am a person who strives for greater heights,” he propones. “There’s a lot that can be done for the education and improvement of the financial positions of younger individuals. Although I might only have the ability to aid my personal network right now, I hope to continually enhance my proficiency while benefiting as many households as I can along the way.”

“As an individual who will take ethics into consideration above all else, I believe I’m in a position to supplement their handling of money and guide their decision making processes on personal protection planning.”

Darren’s goals are not going unsupported. “Sivakumar, my direct manager, has offered me numerous opportunities to learn including both webinars and personal guidance. In a similar vein, Andy is eager to train me and share both new ideas and experiences.”

“As a hands-on learner, I feel I can build upon this knowledge by experimenting and augmenting myself in the process.”

Darren’s clique has an avid interest in automobiles; the group gathers often to participate in bonding activities like online games, car conversations and road trips.

“Apart from road trips with friends, I also enjoy backpacking, hiking and sightseeing. I’ve actually been to Japan thrice- in 2015, 2016, and 2019 with my girlfriend.”

Darren’s family, which consists of his three siblings, his parents and himself also enjoy family gatherings on special occasions like birthday celebrations.

Darren begins his journey as a Financial Services Consultant (FSC) this month. Welcome to Forte Group!

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