Tailored, Engaging, Empowering

We have grown with our clients over the years and this speaks volumes of the Forte approach which has been integral to our relationship building with individuals, families, and employees.

Our Approaches


Building the Emotional Connection

At the heart of Forte, we believe in forming genuine emotional connection to provide better services. We trust a more proactive rather than reactive communication as trust-based relationships will encourage greater sharing of information and ultimately, more relevant solutions for you.

We understand the sensitive nature of revealing financial and personal life – our consultants are well-trained with the know-how to handle the process with empathy and sensitivity. They also undergo rigorous training to perfect their handling of sensitive information and the treatment of intimate details. 



Beyond Just Touch and Go

Most people only have 2 touchpoints with their insurers that typically come at the point of sale and point of claim or renewal. But we believe that in today’s dynamic environment, keeping close ties with our clients will help us fully understand the needs of our clients. We also continuously keep our clients informed of up-to-date market information, new coverages, policy updates and changes.

We recognize that with new changes, there are always opportunities to be leveraged on – and our consultants are always ready to identify and provide recommendations should such changes be relevant to you.


Empower to Grow

Aside from delivering updates and our insights, we also believe in empowering clients to make more informed decisions. 

By giving our clients access to the right information through simple and transparent presentation of policies and exclusions through a variety of tools such as dedicated portals, you will be able to easily access and control your coverage.

Together with our webinars and seminars, we hope to enhance understanding, dispel misconceptions and as a whole, better improve access to healthcare and wealth services to everyone.

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