Welcome to Forte Group: Audrey Poh

An explorative, entrepreneurial, and strongly empathetic individual, audrey’s poh’s multidisciplinary experiences have given her a wealth of insight and learning.

Galvanized by her role models from previous occupations, Audrey is determined to channel her energy, passion and experiences into her career as a Financial Adviser.

Audrey’s journey begins with her initial stint in the navy.

“I think being on a ship opened my eyes. It’s quite normal to worry about what things will go wrong, but I learned that it’s essential to take that leap of faith and do our best to persevere,” she remarks. “One of our core values was always to leave no man behind, and that’s a lesson that I continue to live by today.”

Her subsequent introduction to sales vocations, as well as forays into managing her own business, have also furnished her with client management skills.

“I’m a fervent advocate of collaboration and empathetic listening,” Audrey quips. “If someone asks for my help, I will do whatever I can within my capabilities.”

Audrey’s drive to succeed in the business world was sparked by a chance meeting:

“I was inspired by a business owner that I thoroughly admire,” Audrey recalls. “He had built his company in a way that it was self-sufficient, and he continued to maintain his full dedication to it.”

“In a way, Forte reminds me of that experience. During the onboarding process, I found comfort and engagement in communicating with Andy,” she asserts. “There’s a sense of warmth and willingness toward coaching and training new advisers, that you won’t be left alone and unaware of what to do.”

As Audrey views it, moving into financial advisory is the natural culmination of her career path, along with her penchance for business and compassion.

“One day I hope that I’ll improve enough to the point that I’m worthy of receiving the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) award.”

A photography enthusiast, Audrey also cycles and plays badminton for recreation in her free time.

She also enjoys travelling and has visited most Southeast Asian countries, in addition to some more exotic locations.

“I was able to visit parts of Somalia and Dubai during one of my naval operations,” she says, laughing. “At times, we had cultural exchanges with the locals.”

Audrey begins her journey as a Financial Services Consultant (FSC) this month. Welcome to Forte Group!

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