Welcome to Forte Group: Anita Dewan

With her roots in marketing and brand management, anita dewan took a brief period away from her career to prioritize her children and family.
Later on, she found herself focusing on helping other expatriates re-settle into singapore, just as she herself had in the years prior.

2021 marks the fifth year in a life-transforming journey as a Financial Services Consultant (FSC). The experience has broadened Anita’s knowledge and awareness of insurance and wealth preservation, as well as honed her interpersonal and empathetic skills.

“I am still close friends with the individual who introduced me to financial services almost half a decade ago,” Anita recounts fondly.

“Even though I now regard the profession as my spiritual calling or Ikigai (a Japanese term that refers to a sense of purpose, or reason for living) I had initially never dreamed of or expected to be a FSC. I’ve always had aspirations of sharing knowledge with others and often, it’s something that I wish someone had done for me earlier in life. I think that those facets allowed advisory to rapidly develop into something I was passionate about.”

“The service aspect of the job has always been one of my strengths.” Anita admits. I’m a personable individual by nature, and my ability to hand-hold clients and guide them through cognitive dissonance neatly transferred across from my work in relocation services to the interpersonal requirements of being a FSC. A lot of times people think that they can procrastinate or do their planning later, but I want to be the catalyst that fuels their desire to take action.”

Queried on why she chose to start afresh, Anita acknowledges that she had wanted to push herself to serve her clients better.

“My biggest takeaway from my experiences as a FSC is that if you want to excel in this field, you really need to think from your client’s point of view,” Anita professes. “It’s essential to always be in a position to offer a solution to a problem, and clients want to be given the best choices possible.”

“One way to do this is to provide a basket of products, and I felt I needed to push myself to learn more in order to give my clients a wholesome solution,” she continues. “I didn’t want to just be a vibrant personality who connected solely because of trust. I joined Forte because I wanted to challenge myself to become more confident in advising on sensitive money matters- to be an individual who is competent in her own right.”

Probed further on her experiences with Forte thus far, Anita had this to say:

“I loved the onboarding experience,” Anita gushes. “Kai Ling guided me smoothly through the entire process over Zoom. Everyone has been very willing and helpful and this made everything extremely comfortable. Siva (my direct manager) has been extremely forthcoming and quick to respond; I can feel that he focuses on training the team and building a proper foundation for us above all else.”

Outside of work, Anita enjoys a plethora of outdoors activities. Often a shared experience, these include walking, cycling and trekking.

Whenever Anita’s family reunites, they habitually play board games as a bonding activity. The household is also deeply intertwined with her travels, gatherings and culinary endeavors.

“To me, travel is all about food.” Anita laughs. ‘I recall each locale that we visited during our pre-covid family holidays by the unique cuisine that they offered. I’ve even had the opportunity to try my hand at making jalebi (a popular sweet snack) at a street food stall in Agra.”

Anita is also an active member of the community. Between participating in cultural events like the Chingay Parade, planting trees for charity drives, volunteering at a soup kitchen on Sundays and assisting the underprivileged at community centers, she does her best to provide peace and happiness to show gratitude and give back to society.

Anita has commenced her role at Forte as of August 2021. Welcome to Forte Group!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Forte Group: Anita Dewan

  1. Deepa says:

    You are one of a kind, Anita! Truly inspiring!
    I look forward to hearing more about your adventures as your story unfolds on this journey. Cheers!

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