We Build Top Talents

As we believe in nurturing a community of highly trained, like-minded and driven individuals, we invest heavily in our team to provide them ample opportunities to grow professionally and personally.

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Our Stellar Track Records

Our consultants in Forte are proven to be respected leaders in the industry with exceptional professional knowledge, strict ethical conduct and outstanding client service. 


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Our Approaches

Empowered Consultants

By continuously investing in our consultants’ development and learning, we are always putting our people first and more firmly in the driver’s seat of their development.

Digital-First Strategies

In this age of digital transformation, we employ digital-first strategies as part of our efforts to stay agile. Learn to better anticipate your clients’ needs & recommend next steps by capitalising on the use of big data, social media and other advanced technologies invested by Forte. We can now assist to help our consultants understand and provide personalized coverage and engagement models that align in real time with their clients’ life stages and activities. 


“Gone are the days of roadshows and street canvassing” 

With the use of dynamic questionnaires for risk & needs analysis, interactive storylines, and portfolio analysis, we are all about giving our consultants the best insights to truly help their clients based on their personal needs. 

This helps our consultants stay competitive, providing the ease, convenience and value sought after by clients. By keeping our consultants well informed with the right tools, we position themselves as leaders at the next frontiers of the industry.

Support For Consultants

We invest heavily in our consultants to hand them tools to create better tailored financial products and insights for their clients. With a better Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that automates some repetitive tasks that are also often prone to human error, data collection has never been easier.

Now, our team can focus on doing what they do best – advising clients.

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