Welcome to Forte Group: Tan Yu Xuan

Well-read, inquisitive and familiar with a wide variety of topics, Tan Yu Xuan balances both flights of ambition as well as personal groundedness, using keen research and a solid comprehension of the world around him.

Having received his diploma in Aeronautical Engineering from Singapore Polytechnic (SP), Yu Xuan discovered an interest in the financial sector during his National Service (NS) stint.

“I am an avid reader,” Yu Xuan admits buoyantly. “Whether it’s personal, professional, aspirational, occupational or even recreationally-related, I research widely and seek knowledge on everything I do. Particularly, I began my journey investigating financial material back in 2018 and have been building my personal understanding of investments, finance and banking ever since.”

An independent learner, Yu Xuan’s initiative motivated him to participate in courses, including ones from the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute, which allowed him to gain greater insight into the financial industry as a whole.

“Being a Financial Services Consultant (FSC) combines something I know well with personal study that I enjoy,” Yu Xuan explains. “I’m already familiar with helping my family and friends with research, and being a FSC enables me to feel happy aiding others in a financial capacity as well.”

Queried about the on-boarding process, Yu Xuan enthusiastically asserts his appreciation for the material that he received.

“I didn’t have any trouble with the examinations required to join the industry; in fact, I really enjoyed going for lectures and reading the textbooks. To me, the information gleaned is useful in both financial advisory, as well as my own personal life.”

“Additionally, I was in contact with three people throughout my transition from internship to apprenticeship, namely Shu Zhen, Andy, and Eve (my direct manager). The entire process was really comfortable- it was very much a horizontal organizational structure with plenty of open communication,” Yu Xuan comments. “I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly and efficiently that many of the internal processes happened as well.”

“The training sessions were very personalized, and were reassuring because they helped me clear up many of my personal misconceptions and doubts with regards the industry,” Yu Xuan continues. “Specifically, I learned about how an adviser plays a key role in supplementing knowledge to clients, while also removing stress and providing a human touch. Often, we forget that a person might be incapacitated in the case of a claimable event, and the adviser is pivotal in ensuring that the claim goes through smoothly.”

Outside of work, Yu Xuan has a variety of personal interests. He enjoys thrilling activities such as bungee jumping and skydiving, as well as spending quality time with his family.

Yu Xuan plays three musical instruments (the violin, the piano and the guitar), and does sports including routine long-distance running. Interestingly, Yu Xuan’s quest for knowledge extends to how he approaches his cardiovascular pursuits.

“I initially started running in an attempt to quit smoking,” Yu Xuan quips. “Gradually, I began delving into more technical aspects of the sport to improve my running speeds. I’ve since been able to improve my aerobic capacity and hope to take part in an actual marathon one day.”

Yu Xuan has commenced his apprenticeship as a Financial Services Consultant (FSC) as of July 2021. Welcome to Forte Group!

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