Welcome to Forte Group: Ryan Ho

A first-year student at the singapore university of social sciences, ryan ho possesses an avid interest in investing and wealth preservation.

“My secondary school batchmate, Bobby, was the person who approached and recommended this career to me,” he asserts.

“We had a discussion about investment products and realized that I had sufficient acumen, experience and passion in the subject to approach it as a career option.”

Noteworthily however, is that Ryan’s interests are not limited to investments and wealth acquisition.

“To me, managing someone else’s legacy embodies a high degree of responsibility,” he puts forth. “It’s a personal goal for me to work in a field where I can manage wealth preservation and distribution.”

Probed further on the matter, he elaborated: “I feel like consumerism is so pervasive these days that it’s really easy for a person to lose their assets if their money is improperly handled.”

“I come from a middle-income family. My parents never hesitated to purchase whatever I wanted. Eventually, this made me realize that materialism could only result in a nagging sense of emptiness and guilt.”

“However, it takes time for that cognizance and awareness to be built. For a young person who suddenly inherits a vast legacy, it’s entirely possible that they could lose it much more quickly than that wisdom comes.”

Ryan believes that these experiences can help to prevent such mishaps from occurring in other families.

“I hope to facilitate the succession of someone’s estate in their absence. With appropriate management, it is possible to assist in the transcension of wealth across generations- and I think fighting for that longeivity is something beautiful.”

“I find meaning in assisting people.” Ryan concludes. “It doesn’t matter to me if the subject matter is my younger cousin’s entrepreneurial endeavors, or if it’s the holdings of someone who can no longer act on them. I find fulfilment in being entrusted with a combination of accountability, administration and problem-solving.”

I queried Ryan further on his reasoning for accepting Bobby’s offer.

“It really came down to my meeting with Andy, who is the guiding force for Forte,” he responded. “I felt comfortable exchanging ideas with him, as well as the system of trust and independent learning that he had clearly established.”

“I’m still in the process of growing. Even though my end goal remains far away, I have faith in the process put across to me; I both appreciate and look forward to Andy’s focus on individual progress as well as his guidance.”

Among other explorative and nature-loving activities, Ryan goes fishing with his friends every saturday. He enjoys traveling, hiking and exchanging cultures with people from a plethora of backgrounds.

Ryan commences his apprenticeship as a Financial Services Consultant (FSC) this month. Welcome to Forte Group!

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