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At Forte, we aim to support aspiring individuals to acquire the skills and knowledge required to attain your career goals and reach your full potential.

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Our Secret Winning Formula

It is always a steep learning curve for new consultants but at Forte, we ensure our new consultants will always be fully equipped with the appropriate skills and knowledge with our secret winning formula and a comprehensive and structured training program.

We also ensure that our fresh consultants are given plenty of sound and continuous training throughout their journey to helping others.

Why Join Forte?

We Value Ethical Practices

Forte is home to a community with a strong passion for improving the lives of our clients and a commitment to provide only the best services. We are beyond the sterile relationship of just premium payments and claims.

We sincerely believe in a relationship where insurance and wealth is combined with other services to help our clients achieve their health, wealth and business goals effectively.

We Build Top Talent

We pay close attention to talent management and culture development to nurture a community of passionate consultants in a collaborative environment. We believe in building a company that is aligned with our peoples’ talents, career aspirations and personal goals. We also prioritize competitive compensation and opportunities for professional growth and social connections.

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We Cultivate Best Culture

We pride ourselves as a team of trained professionals with our clients’ best interests in mind. In order to build a team of powerful individuals, we cultivate a dynamic environment where our teams are able to achieve their full potential. Our flexible work environment promotes healthy work-life balance and supports our consultants’ lifestyle needs.

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Hear from Our Team

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It really came down to my meeting with Andy, who is the guiding force for Forte. I felt comfortable exchanging ideas with him, as well as the system of trust and independent learning that he had clearly established. I’m still in the process of growing. Even though my end goal remains far away, I have faith in the process put across to me; I both appreciate and look forward to Andy’s focus on individual progress as well as his guidance.

Ryan Ho

Forte Financial Consultant | Fresh Graduate Programme

Singapore’s system impedes Financial Services Consultants (FSCs) from acting on their own interests over those of their clients. The examination process was essential as it underscored transparency through maximal disclosure. I also found M9 and M9A very informative as it combines lessons about contract and agency laws. Through my internship I began to appreciate the occupation through my contact with Andy, Evelyn and Zane (my direct manager). As FSCs, they demonstrated that they are extremely knowledgeable and are here to help people, as opposed to coaxing them into buying plans that they don’t need.

Gao Yuan Ling

Forte Financial Consultant | Internship Programme

I feel fortunate to be working at Forte- the team here is caring and understanding, unlike any other. They would never force me to push specific products that I feel uncomfortable with.

Although I didn’t experience difficulties re-acquainting, it’s important to realize that sales in a corporate context is purely commercial; financial service consultancy is a heart-to-heart role.

Treasured by the group, Mandar Padhye brings his knowledge, competencies, goal-orientation and dynamism to bear in his capacity as one of the strongest members of the team.

Mandar Padhye

Forte Financial Consultant | Mid Career Switch

I think being on a ship opened my eyes. It’s quite normal to worry about what things will go wrong, but I learned that it’s essential to take that leap of faith and do our best to persevere.

I was inspired by a business owner that I thoroughly admire. He had built his company in a way that it was self-sufficient, and he continued to maintain his full dedication to it.

In a way, Forte reminds me of that experience. During the onboarding process, I found comfort and engagement in communicating with Andy. There’s a sense of warmth and willingness toward coaching and training new advisers, that you won’t be left alone and unaware of what to do.

Audrey Poh

Forte Financial Consultant | Mid Career Switch

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