Welcome to Forte Group: Li Cheng Kang

Li cheng kang is an avid advocate of self-guided improvement who has had diverse career experiences in digital fields including media, security and ecommerce.

In joining Forte, Cheng Kang has aspirations to create and protect wealth for busy families, alongside his wife Katherine Tan, who is currently already a Financial Services Consultant (FSC).

“Katherine’s experiences in the year since she has joined Forte really were the spark that triggered my decision to make a career switch,” Cheng Kang recounts.

“My wife has always been a person who pours her heart into assisting others, and I’ve observed her steadily enriching clients with insights over the course of the past twelve months.”

“Over time it became clear to me that she really enjoyed the work she was doing and the time she was spending at Forte, and it spurred me on to do something similar.”

Cheng Kang is confident that he can simplify financial planning, as he has years of experience in conducting group training sessions and managing his own investment portfolio. Furthermore, he believes that he can be an even better consultant by fine-tuning his capacity as an empathetic listener. “I believe Forte provides an environment with the space and resources necessary for me to achieve this,” he affirms.

Pressed about his opinion of the insurance industry, Cheng Kang admits that his perception changed significantly over the course of his integration to Forte.

“I was pleasantly surprised by my onboarding process,” Cheng Kang recounts. “For a long time I was under the impression that being an FSC meant being ferociously self-directed and that a new FSC would have to learn most, if not all skills independently.”

“However, I’ve since realized that there’s a great deal of company resources ranging from product knowledge to soft skills training programs available. I’ve also been able to experience first-hand the direct agency-level support I received from both Andy, who leads Forte, and Kailing (Forte Group’s Secretary).”

“During training sessions, I’ve additionally been able to sense Andy’s liveliness and enjoy his ability to turn dry topics such as organizational structure into a palatable method of story sharing.”

Outside of work, Cheng Kang finds himself engaging in reading and wine appreciation.

“My choice of variety in books is a lot more expansive today than when I initially started out with self improvement,” Cheng Kang quips jovially. “Today I tend to read volumes that help me connect my thoughts between my faith (Christianity), everyday life and work. Down the road I hope to eventually be able to guide my children in their own reading endeavors.”

Cheng Kang also enjoys wine as a hobby, professing to have a history of teaching the art of wine appreciation as well as a penchant for blind tasting.

Cheng Kang begins his career as a Financial Services Consultant (FSC) this month. Welcome to Forte Group!

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