Welcome to Forte: HK

After serving the nation for 18 years, HK is now ready to help his fellow countrymen in different ways.

Armed with sincerity and humility, the army veteran hopes to help others around him to plan their financial future. “And also to break away from the 8 to 6 schedule,” he admits with a laugh..

HK’s journey to become a Financial Services Consultant (FSC) is pretty unique – he was actually referred to Forte Group by a friend, who happened to be Andy’s (our Director and HK’s mentor) client! Although he had competing offers to join other companies, HK decided to trust the good word of his friend and join up with Forte.

Just days after signing onboard, he was quickly introduced to other newcomers via a weekly “Sales Builder” Zoom meeting, where fellow financial consultants share their experiences and learn from each other.

He also has started catching up with friends, old and new, to let them know of his change in career. “But it’s not about pushing sales,” he clarifies, “it’s both social and professional.” HK shares that he recently reconnected with an old friend and ended up chatting for 4 to 5 hours. For HK, it’s about having an open mindset, understanding needs, and how he can help.

Perhaps the best testament to his sincerity and character was how an ex-colleague in the army readily pledged his support to HK so early on in his new career. “I was quite surprised,” he admits.

Moving forward, with close mentorship from his manager, Eve, and director, Andy, and help from fellow FSCs, HK is sure to impress future clients with his newfound knowledge and his sincerity to help.

Welcome to Forte, HK!

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