Maven of Investing: Forte Group Champion Mandar Padhye

Mandar padhye believes in both success and appreciating life.

It has been a long journey since the day Mandar chose to make the transition from his home country of India to Singapore.

Mandar began his career working for blue chip multinationals across India. 2004 marked the year he migrated to Singapore thanks to an exciting position as a Regional Manager- SAARC with Compuware.

Over the course of the next sixteen years, Mandar took on a Masters of Finance (MSc) at The City University of New York (CUNY) and continued making a significant impact in the financial services sector.

2020 marks his fifth anniversary with Forte. Treasured by the group, Mandar ably brings his knowledge, competencies, goal-orientation and dynamism to bear in his capacity as one of the strongest members of the team.

“I feel fortunate to be working at Forte- the team here is caring and understanding, unlike any other. They would never force me to push specific products that I feel uncomfortable with.”

During the discussion, I asked Mandar about any issues he may have had switching from a corporate role to a financial consultancy one.

Said Mandar: “Although I didn’t experience difficulties re-acquainting, it’s important to realize that sales in a corporate context is purely commercial; financial service consultancy is a heart-to-heart role.”

We conferred on the nature of his client management techniques. Mandar advocates regular sharing of updates, so that clients are well-informed. He also takes a consultative approach to decision making, and listens to clients before coming up with a wealth management plan.

“A well informed decision is essential, and I encourage clients to call upon me to seek investment knowledge and advice at any time,” Mandar affirms warmly.

Queried about his hobbies, Mandar reveals that he has always had a flair for business.

“During my teenage years, I built my own enterprises- I worked with media houses to publish newbie portfolios, while also working on interior design and other businesses.”

Nowadays, Mandar spends his free time with his family.

He attributes his investment ability to the teachings of his late father, Ramesh Padhye. Additionally, his mother Kalyani, his wife Dipti, and his daughter Itisha support him and provide him with strength.

Mandar is also fond of gardening, and grows a myriad of flowers, fruits and vegetables. He is also building his physical discipline to complement his firm grasp over financial disciplines.

2020 marks the fifth consistent year that Mandar has received the honour of being a part of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT). On a normal basis, merely qualifying once would already be an outstanding feat.

On top of that, it also marks his first induction to the Court Of Table (COT), which requires three times the normal MDRT achievement for eligibility.

“I’m looking forward to building myself even further in the future,” he beams.

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