Patience and Integrity: Forte Group Champion Kuck Kar Cheng

Kar cheng’s journey is filled with mementos of a crossing she never expected to undertake.

Spending her early working life ascending to a regional senior managerial position in the telecommunications industry, Kar Cheng found herself caught at a crossroads when she realized how her position conflicted with her desires to guide her children at a crucial point in their growth.

Cumulatively working on her skills and knowledge over the course of two years, she conquered uncertainty and steadily learned the wealth management process.

Besides mastering wealth protection and creation, she built rapport with clients across a wide breadth of industries.

Kar Cheng acknowledges that the journey was not easy. “Although I had academic understanding of investments, I lacked the working experience. I had to decide between pursuing my interest in psychology or to enter a completely foreign industry. My husband encouraged me to take on the challenges that this path entailed.”

“I always ensure that my clients participate in my review sessions. Whether it is about performance reviews or market updates, it is essential to engage a two-way conversation.” she asserts. “I’ve always used my portfolio as a test bed before introducing investments to clients.”

“I’m grateful to Forte; the group actively listens to our concerns, as well as caring and looking out for us.” She affirms. “The environment makes it seamless for us to continue aiding clients in a big way.”

Her resilience and core value system have certainly paid off. Having already qualified for the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) thrice prior, her achievement in 2020 cumulates another victory in a series of triumphs. A single MDRT achievement by no means an easy undertaking; three amounts to an astounding attainment.

Two fundamental principles she lives by are patience and sincerity. Her MDRT successes have never necessitated exceptional emotional investment on her part; rather, they are a by-product of the traits she values.

At the time of writing, the two children for whom she forwent her career path for have grown into young adults. Currently, they are both in local universities.

Congratulations Kar Cheng on achieving MDRT in 2020!

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