Perseverance through Mutual Support: Forte Group Champion Sivakumar Arunagiri

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

This was the approach that Sivakumar Arunagiri took when he made the leap to move from a stable deskbound job into the world of financial planning.

“I knew my aspirations lay elsewhere.”

After completing his bachelor’s degree in computer sciences from NUS, like many others, he initially pursued a career in line with his degree. It was only after a few years that he discovered it was not his cup of tea.

The journey was not an easy one. When he entered the profession in 2006, he experienced numerous episodes of unlearning and learning.

Slowly, Sivakumar nurtured his skill set through sheer hard work and determination.

To Sivakumar, his wife Rajes served as a pillar of strength. “Fortunately for me, my wife was very supportive; she told me to pursue what made me happy.”

Sivakumar recounts the people around him asking why he had given up on what was perceived to be a stable career. “I told myself I had to shut out the noise and just pursue what I thought was right at the time.”

“I am thankful to Andy, Forte Group’s Branch Director, for endeavoring to guide and mentor us. He played a key role in my success. We also have moved on to forge a good friendship over these years and even invest in properties together!”

Sivakumar’s strong desire to succeed gradually paid off. Today, the consistency of his performance is perhaps the most striking attribute about his achievements.

2019 marks the tenth consecutive year for which he has qualified for the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) honor, an award that is only applicable to individuals who have performed within the top 6% of global insurance industry.

Sivakumar attributes the reliability of his successes to his personal philosophies, as well as putting the client’s interests at the forefront of any decision.

He reveals: “Self-direction is a cornerstone for personal success. You chart your own destiny and take away how much you want to put in.”

Sivakumar’s role in financial planning has brought him much more than mere career fulfilment; he stands by his family today as they once stood by him in the past during his own times of tribulation.

“I personally believe that no amount of success at office can outweigh successes at home. In my old salaried position, I could never be present for my son Kishan’s school activities. This career changed that for me and I was able to spend a good part of my personal time with him during his early years.”

Thanks to his triumphs in his occupation, Sivakumar is able to to enjoy a plethora of family bonding activities. These include but are not limited to business-provided holidays.

He also attributes strong fundamental emotional development as an effect of his career change.

“I used to brood over matters in the face of adversities. Through my experiences I learned that the faster you recover from your setbacks, the higher you bounce back towards your goals.”

Currently, Sivakumar has taken on a managerial role in Forte Group and has further aspirations to groom the individuals in his team to become future leaders.

Currently, Sivakumar has taken on a managerial role in Forte Group and has further aspirations to groom the individuals in his team to become future leaders.

“To me, good leadership is demonstrated when my successors are equally, if not more successful than myself.”

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