A Rising Star: Forte Group Champion Aloysius Chua

Aloysius stands poised, focused amidst the whirl and flurry of limbs as jiu-jitsu practitioners wage fierce and unrelenting combat. In that instant, he could be mistaken for a beacon of resolve amidst the torrential chaos around him.

Aloysius is no stranger to martial arts. Having transitioned from judo to wrestling, he was a participant in the 2009 Laos SEA games. Currently, he channels his passion for physical activity into his education by pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Sports Science at Nanyang Technological University (NTU). However, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing; he confesses to finding difficulty in accepting losses in the past.

“I was one of the better performers in my sport, and was met with a rude awakening when I ventured overseas. I was forced to concede to my mistakes; It was only when I began to improve and grow again.”

It’s not all combat without fun and affection; over the past month, Aloysius has been picking up tennis with his friends.

Additionally, as an avid lover of animals, he professes to owning three cats and a dog- which he takes to obedience protection training regularly. His pets are frequently featured on his instagram page, which is jointly managed by his wife.

The images communicate a keen sense of playfulness and energy, and juxtapose with his judicious and seasoned approach to life’s challenges.

In a mere three months, Aloysius will be a member of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), the premier association for financial professionals.

To achieve this prestigious membership, an individual needs to achieve a sales volume within the top 6% of global insurance sales.

“I used to be in events management, but I favored space to express personal freedom and drivenness. My wife, who was my then- girlfriend told me about the financial industry,” he expresses proudly, shouldering his partner. “She guided me and taught me a lot.”

“Looking forward, I want to move toward a management position. By building my own team, I want to become a director eventually, to help people find the best in themselves,” Aloysius asserts.

“I thank my wife and family for their support, as well as Andy and Eve for guiding me. I’m also grateful to our colleagues at Forte for sharing their experiences with me and helping me to get this far.”

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