One Year Anniversary: Ang Shu Zhen

2020 Marks ang shu zhen’s first anniversary with forte.

At her first occupation post-graduation, she aims to achieve fulfilment and provide meaning to the lives of others through her actions.

Offered the chance to work in an environment that required a greater degree of client connection than other prospective career paths, Shu Zhen leapt at the opportunity and has not looked back since.

“I initially came across this opportunity via LinkedIn,” Shu Zhen pipes up. “I didn’t know what to expect as I had not studied any prior finance topics; rather, I was intrigued greatly by Branch Director Andy’s passion and belief in both this job and this industry.”

Shu Zhen finds connecting with people a natural joy.

“Over the past year I’ve encountered clients who have helped me to realize that this business isn’t just about intangible concepts like future planning.

One particular couple initially engaged me as their financial advisor after I met them at a road show. It’s a very personal experience seeing them progress from their time in marriage into a period of child-nurturing.

I became acquainted with another client through our digital campaigns during the Circuit Breaker period; it was really heartwarming to relate to and communicate with her, even if it was purely through a digital context.

I am thankful for the trust and responsibility that my clients have given to me. It motivates me to work harder, and I’m happy to be a part of their journey.”

To Shu Zhen, her time at Forte has changed her.

“I’ve grown much more confident in my own ability after talking to so many individuals. It’s great to see this change in myself- to be able to overcome my personal fears, and build a strong personal stand and an opinion on things.”

Setting her goals on performing well enough to attend company-organized conventions in the future, Shu Zhen appreciates the resources and people around her even in spite of how trying the current mid-pandemic period is.

“Both Andy and Eve (my direct manager) are a source of guidance and infectious positivity. Questions are always welcome and there’s a wide berth of expertise here; I can seek assistance on administrative matters from Kailing, ask about specific policies from Kar Cheng, or discuss general insurance with Jeremy. Everyone is willing to share, and Forte has been an extremely fostering environment for me.”

Congratulations Ang Shu Zhen on celebrating her one year anniversary with Forte!

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