The Zeal To Protect: Forte Group Champion Zane Chua

If one were to look through forte’s past accolades, one would be hard-pressed to locate a space where Zane Chua lacks feature for her achievements.

A five-time member of the million dollar round table (mdrt), zane’s past background was in banking, where high-net-worth clients are the norm. Zane’s fervent interest in investments have given her the capability to consistently deliver high-quality financial solutions.

“Trading and investments, as well as personal portfolio planning have significant skills and experience transfer that can value add to the advice you give your clients,” Zane propones.
However, it’s not all about hard skills. Currently, Zane is leading a united team of advisors who utilize a diverse array of financial solutions tailored to clients’ long-term needs.
“I find comfort and fulfillment working together with the people at Forte,” Zane Acknowledges.
She plans to nurture the team and pass down knowledge to the younger generation so that they can continue to help others in need. In the process, Zane consistently and actively seeks out and discusses methods of helping her team reach out to the market for engagement.
Zane is highly attentive and focused in her work and constantly holds her clients’ interests at heart. During times of market turmoil, she actively goes the extra mile in advising her clients on favorable or optimal actions to take in their investment decisions. By doing this extra leg work, she adds value beyond the call of duty and engenders a high degree of trust.
Probed about the reason behind her drivenness, she states simply: “The time we spend on this world is limited; it’s important to use it to make meaning for people.”
Zane has received more than her fair share of compliments. Over the course of her work, she has helped clients seek coverage that alleviated their fears and gave them the chance to spend precious more time with their families.
It’s a fierce dedication that runs through her work ethic, and it is Zane’s striking combination of personal competency, relational support and fiery passion that underpins her strong sense of professionalism.
There’s no doubt that these traits have brought her success and will continue to nurture others, both team members and clients alike, in the future.

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