What happen if we die without a will?

If we do not have a will when we die, our assets will be shared out according to the law instead of our wishes. This potentially means that our assets might be pass to someone we had not intention of giving to or that someone we wish for them to inherit our assets end up with nothing.

What is Singapore Intestate Rules?

According to  the Intestate Succession Act[1], the following rules shall be observed.


It is worth noting that the Intestate Succession Act does not apply to Muslims. The distribution of property of a deceased Muslim domiciled in Singapore at the time of death is governed by Muslim law and the Syariah Court.


SurvivorAbsentWho gets What
SpouseChildren, ParentsSpouse gets everything
Spouse, Children Spouse gets half
Children gets the other half in equal portions
ChildrenSpouseChildren gets everything in equal portions
Grandchildren can claim their parent’s share in equal portions if their parent is dead
Spouse, ParentsChildrenSpouse gets half
Parents get half in equal portions
ParentsSpouse, ChildrenParents get everthing in equal portions
Brothers and Sisters
(or Children of the deceased brother or sister)
Spouse, Children, ParentsBrothers and Sisters get equal portion
Their children can calim their share for them in equal portions if they are deceased
GrandparentsSpouse, Children, Parents, Brothers and Sisters or Children of the such brothers or sistersGrandparents take the estate in equal portions
Uncles and AuntsSpouse, Children, Parents, Brothers and Sisters or Children of the such brothers or sisters, GrandparentsUncles and Aunts take the estate in equal portions
NoneEveryoneGovernment takes everything


Please note:

The information contained in this article is for general guidance on matters of interest only. While we made every attempt to ensure that the information contained herein has been obtained from reliable sources, we are not responsible for any errors or omissions, or for the results obtained from the use of this information. Neither the information presented nor any opnion expressed constitues a solication for the purchase or sale of any financial products. As such, before taking any action you should seek advice from an independent professional advisor.

[1] https://sso.agc.gov.sg/Act/ISA1967#

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