Welcome to Forte Group: Lai Sha

With humanitarian goals and a penchant for physically demanding sports, lai sha breaks into her apprenticeship with a fierce desire to learn and thrive.

Juxtaposed with her perseverance is a cool sense of self-control.

“It has to be a win-win scenario. If you need a policy or investment, I will provide it; if I identify that you need it, I will tell you. There should never be an element of pressure or compulsion.”

Currently an undergraduate at the National University of Singapore (NUS), Lai Sha majors in industrial systems engineering. She is also a part-timer in a social enterprise, where she assists in overseeing supply and shipping processes.

Asked about her admission and internship, Lai Sha professed: “The internship has provided me with a lot of background insight into insurance. I feel that this industry makes sense mathematically in terms of risk and resource pooling, and I obtained a better perspective of the supporting mechanisms behind its operation. Both of my mentors (Andy and Xue Zhen) are never stingy with passing on knowledge; in particular, Andy is very supportive, encouraging, understanding and reliable.”

“In terms of operating as a Financial Services Consultant (FSC), think it’s important to let prospects understand that you have something to offer- whether it’s advice or an understanding of core concepts. This gives you the opportunity to then identify needs and find products suitable for the specific individual in order to create a service that is valuable.”

Quried about her goals for the future, Lai Sha replied: “I’m looking to use the knowledge that I’ve acquired in this apprenticeship to aid my own family and others.”

“I am also interested in doing voluntary work in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals. It always makes me realise how privileged I am living under a clean safe shelter, having access to quality education and being financially capable while many people, especially those in the third world countries are unable to. Those are the people that we often ignore because they might just seem too out of our way. Both my involvement in a community service project in Indonesia back in my Junior College (JC) days, as well as my hiking trip in university, have provided me with a bigger picture of the world- in the next few years, I will definitely grab a chance to Nepal. It is a country that I long going to and a country where people are in need.”

Lai Sha attributes her unwavering will and discipline to her interest and participation in sports such as judo, hiking and a more recent hobby – rock climbing. She is always keen on trying something different and open to new ideas.

To date, she has participated in several overseas judo tournaments, mostly located in the Philippines, as well as many local tournaments. Unafraid of failure, she constantly strives for the best.

Lai Sha begins her apprenticeship as a Financial Services Consultant (FSC) this month. Welcome to Forte Group!

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